JVR Systems is working hard to make Middleware Monitoring is an enterprise-class, easy-to-use solution that optimizes the performance and availability of your entire IT infrastructure. Through a single customizable workspace portal, you can proactively manage the health and availability of your IT infrastructure, end-to-end, including operating systems, databases and servers, across distributed and host environments. Our Middleware Monitoring detects bottlenecks and potential problems in essential system resources and helps you automatically recover from critical situations to ensure your business critical applications are up and running.

Built on a lightweight, highly scalable architecture, Our Middleware Monitoring is quickly deployed and easily managed for quick time to value and lower cost of ownership. Simple and centralized control, enhanced visualization of information, ease of use and historical and real time reporting allow users to quickly access the information they need, in customizable formats, to rapidly identify, diagnose and resolve situations.

By linking IT services to processes, data, skills and tools through its single user workspace, Our Middleware Monitoring allows users to view consistent data across technology domains and align IT services with business goals to deliver immediate value. Our Middleware Monitoring, when combined with Our Middleware’s composite application, event, network and service level management solutions, offers complete, integrated availability management to ensure your IT resources and staff are operating efficiently and effectively, in alignment with your business needs and priorities.


In recent years, as human resources demand increasing in most of the industries, all professional services companies are facing many new challenges. As a Professional Services, firm you need to respond quickly and efficiently for every requirement with perfect match and qualified candidates. You want to keep up-to-date database of resources and able to quickly and easily search your resource database, often you may want to collaborate with business partners for specialized skills and integrate your resource database with partners with limited access. In addition, an effective and prompt response to client and candidate is very requirement in professional services business...

With our AJAX based J2EE web-based solution (ProfServ) you can effectively manager all your Professional Services operations with out wait times and many refreshes with your browser

Here is the list of some key features offered by ProfServ

  • Easily customizable web-based solution without any IT skills.
  • Complete web-based solution, no need to install any client software, can access from anywhere via internet.
  • Flexible security module which can be integrated with existing Corporate LDAP or relational DB.
  • Integrated core functions of Professional Services into one interface, the processes including, Customer Management, Vendor Management, Client Management, Resource Management, Resume Management, Placement Management, Communication Management and Analysis.
  • Easy-to-read analysis reports for all core processes listed above in multiple formats(PDF, Excel, HTML).
  • Role-based multi-level authorization module that helps you to follow a custom defined workflow.
  • AJAX based refresh mechanisms greatly helps in viewing live data from the server.
  • A complete employee management solution(Employee Portal), which includes, Employee Management, Payroll Management, Communication Management.
  • Simple J2EE solution, which can run on any standard J2EE application server